Moodle FAQs

How much does the Moodle course content cost?

It is currently free to you and your students.

How do I download a coursepack?

Most coursepacks are free and downloadable directly from our site. Instructors must be registered with us to download coursepacks. Follow the steps in this article to download your coursepack.

How do I install a coursepack?

Your campus Moodle/IT administrators can usually help you with this process.

Follow these instructions to install the coursepack into your Moodle course.

Is the test bank included?

In most of our coursepacks, yes. For older coursepacks, this is not always the case.

How do I get help if I run into difficulties?

First contact your campus IT / Academic Computing / Help Desk / Distance Learning Department. If they cannot help you, refer to the contacts below.

For questions or problems with Macmillan content, please contact Technical Support.